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Veteran2018 started this conversation
I'm a 51 yr old USN veteran. I took an opportunity to help my friend, an elderly USN veteran, a fellow service member in arms, or so I thought. I moved 3 hours away from my home, which I gave up to move in with my friend/now employer. He promised me to give me a room in his home in exchange for rent. I contributed $200 of my EBT food card each month. Cooked cleaned and did laundry ran errands and helped him with his care if he requested. Everything was fine until I learned that he was behind on his rent and loosing his rental. There are 2 other men in the home who do not contribute in anyway.
I went out of town for 2 days and when I was coming back I found out by text that he didn't want me back no reason. Became hostile on the phone and threw out my things. I'm now completely homeless, no family no friends no support. He didn't pay me so no money no savings. I'm looking into free attorney services and sleeping here and there. I am in desperate need of any help but especially enough donations to find a place to stay until the end of the month. My disability pay is currently being garnished so I'm only receiving 136 a month
Thank you and God bless
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Veteran2018   in reply to Woman in the shoe 2
That is NOT the issue. I do not have any money to get a down payment for my own place. I have no i.d., I was robbed, no bank account, no job, nowhere to live. I don't need help with rent. I need money to pay my down payment for a rental. I don't need help with bills! I'm homeless! I went to Welfare and know all about the VA programs. Have you any knowledge of the waiting list or underfunding of programs???
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Woman in the shoe 2
Hi this is only a info site there or places that helps with first month rent and deposit so I want you to type this need help with bills city and state if you don't see it under city state put county state you will see a lot of help on there when you call they say they don't have the money call back in a week.
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